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Weekly Topical pop culture podcast revolving around Movies Games and Anime


We bring Nick, and Carbonwater onto the show to discuss this weeks topic Retro and Classic games through the years

and boy was it a Pandoras Box of discussion. everyone has such respect and love for the oldies, and regular host Nik doesn't understand the feeling of nostalgia. Oh and this is Part 1 of 2

Some discussion

Retro Games feelings and why Nik is an idiot

Renting and returning video games

Commander Keen





Nintendo Labo

Street Fighter 2

Mario Is Missing

Double Dragon

Alex the Kidd



Shout Outs.

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Arrogant Aussies. https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/arrogant-aussies/id1299536879?mt=2


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Welcome to our 21st episode!

We are delighted to have 2 very special guests with us Ryan and Bartek from Spit and Polish Presents, we needed them to discuss something in their wheelhouse. B-grade movies, 


Main Talking points

What defines a B-grade Movie?

Difference between A, B and exploitation films. 

some of our personal favorites.

Where does Netflix play into the world of cinema?

Movie 43 and its dark background

Movies with unnecessary sexual violence.

A LOT was talked about this episode! so sit back. relax (not if your driving) and enjoy our latest episode!


You can find Spit and Polish Presents here!


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Spotify- https://spoti.fi/2Mx6lE5

iTunes- https://apple.co/2BKjPaT

Podbean- http://bit.ly/2o9BTBu

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Nik and Kyle Wish you a happy evening/day

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Joon returns as our guest! really enjoying having him on the show.


Special Aussie episode, Aussie films

Aussie supermarkets

Fav Aussie films. and top shows

The Babadook and Aussie mythical beasts

Red Hill

Mad max 

The Dish

Upper middle Bogan


The wiggle

Round the twist and our favorite episodes

Podcoin ad from 35:00-35:50

Tomorrow when the war began

Depressing music


any questions send them to questions.yourwelcome@gmail.com






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This episode of Dfd we discuss Big budget Tv shows and overpaid actors.


Kyle and Nik debate whether on not Sheldon is worth 1,000,000 an episode.

The OC and how relevant it was to us.

Seinfeld and how he turned down $100 million dollars.

Xfiles 11 and 12.

Fiver, bad place.

ER and other medical shows.

AMC is it a big network?

The big bang theory.

Replacing actors that demand too much,.

How hard do actors work?

The Queen has a lot of powers.

France loves a riot.


Thanks for listening.








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To start off this episode contains an honest opinion about Capt. Marvel by Kyle and our guest Nick, 

Regular co-host Nik has not seen the film so asks genuine questions revolving around it.


Nick from our episode Dumpster Fire has returned, to discuss


A brief history of Superheroes

The movies that made the future of Hero films.

What was the OG Marvel Movie?

The MCU and DCU 

Tv, And the movies.

Captain Marvel Breakdown and issues.

Is it okay to have not enjoyed the film?

Is the world of film critics over?

Do you have to support a narrative out of fear?

Favorite Asian cinema film.



This episode may draw attention, so emails questions.yourwelcome@hotmail.com

Subject line RE: Kyle 



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This episode of DFD we are joined by Carbonwater, Youtube animator and twitch streamer 

He joins us to tackle the history of internet animation and animators, from the humble beginnings on Newgrounds, to the wild west of Youtube. 

An insightful dude with some great information, so if your an animator, or want to be an animator, have a listen and check out Carbonwater.

If you would like to learn more about Carbonwater you can find him here.






If you want to contact DFD you can reach us on 





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February 28, 2019

Oz Needs Child Assassins

Hey there! This is a mini episode while we restructure our show!

Still having a slight issue with sound, we are getting someone to look into it for us


Dr. Who, Best seasons

Over The Garden Wall Review and interpretations.

Oz is a terrible place

Battle Angel Review

Sundance Aint indie anymore

Twitch and our future on streaming

Restructuring our show


We are in the process of making our show theme a bit better, starting next week we will have a different theme based on Pop Culture and topics will all derive from it, Starting with. 

Next Week: Internet animations from Newgrounds to youtube with guest Carbonwater.







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Our Guest is Costa


Dark souls

Kingdom Hearts 3

The Best Final Fantasy

Psych Sequel Movie

Breaking Bad Movie

Lord of the rings and its economy

Need for Speed game and how ridiculous it is

Blast Corps

Earth Defense Force

The Mummy and Universals dark universe.


Contact.  questions.yourwelcome@gmail.com






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So Pop Festival


Brian Singer and GOTG 3

Superbowl ads and monetized youtube ads

Game of Thrones

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared at Sundance

Salad Fingers

Shed 17

Homestar Runner.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil Reboot movies+ Tv shows

Sea Of Thieves and Twitch games


Send us an email if you want! questions.yourwelcome@gmail.com

Twitter @demfancy

Instagram @demfancydinosaurs

Twitch Demfancydinosaurss.





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February 9, 2019

Dumpster Fire

Nik is off sick, so what does Kyle do? Find another Nick to take his place for a video games special! also debuts our new setup. The sound is getting better. just some tweaking. 


Special Guest Nick

Travis strikes again.

No more heroes 1 and 2,

Suda 51

Ea sucks

Neo Geo

Old Systems







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