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May 20, 2019

Not So Marvelous, Its not you, Its me

To start off this episode contains an honest opinion about Capt. Marvel by Kyle and our guest Nick, 

Regular co-host Nik has not seen the film so asks genuine questions revolving around it.


Nick from our episode Dumpster Fire has returned, to discuss


A brief history of Superheroes

The movies that made the future of Hero films.

What was the OG Marvel Movie?

The MCU and DCU 

Tv, And the movies.

Captain Marvel Breakdown and issues.

Is it okay to have not enjoyed the film?

Is the world of film critics over?

Do you have to support a narrative out of fear?

Favorite Asian cinema film.



This episode may draw attention, so emails questions.yourwelcome@hotmail.com

Subject line RE: Kyle 



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